Should I Get A New Or Used Car For My Teenager? (2024)

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And surely as a parent, you will exhaust and research all that can help you decide on which car to buy. Of course, the number one goal always is safety. Just thinking that you will let your son or daughter drive on their own is scary. Surely, no matter what advice you tell your teen to slow down, be cautious, and remember all the road rules, still, they always can commit mistakes. That thought alone can give you a headache, that is why choosing the right auto should be meticulously done. Now the question is, does it make a difference if you choose to buy a new car or a used one? The answer is YES! So to enlighten you and help you differentiate the two, here are the pros and cons of buying a new car vs a used one.

Pros and Cons of a New or Used Car for Teenager

New car for Teenager

Purchasing a new car for your first-time driver can add more excitement to your teen. Who does not want to have a new car, right? But aside from that, there are also a lot of reasons for you to choose buying a new one and some drawbacks. Here is the list of a few things to consider in having one

Pros: Modern Technologies and High-End Safety Features

A clean and scratch-free car is just a bonus. The most important of having a new car is the fact that the newest car has a ton of the latest safety features and modern technologies than a used car. Some of the examples are rear-view cameras, collision detectors, Electronic Stability Control ( ESC ) that helps stabilize the car during sudden sharp turns, and highly improved airbags. These latest features can not only make you feel at ease knowing that your teen is protected, but also for their convenience while driving. And that is exactly the reason why these technologies are made for. Their feature is to lessen any kinds of accidents by providing much comfort in driving.

Pros: Low Maintenance

This is pretty obvious and can apply to any kind of stuff. That is why there are warranties for wear and tear right? Because over time, any type of thing can wear off and that is normal. Being said, aside from the fact that buying a brand new car can cause you less headache for the maintenance, if ever that you need to have it repaired, its warranty can surely cover that, so still no hassle.

Cons: The cost and premiums are much expensive

Again, just like any other thing in the store, if you want to have extra something, you need to pay for it. You cannot ask to have a special pizza with all the toppings on it but you are just willing to pay for the price of plain cheese pizza. Now, the high-end technology and safety features that we have talked to are the extras that you need to pay. Some parents think that paying too much for a new car may not be worth it. But statistics show that the highest risk of accidents is teens than adults 20 years old and up. That being said, it only means that most teens are more reckless. So imagine a reckless driver plus a second-hand car that has fewer safety features. That sounds more troublesome for me.

Now, the other downside of buying a new car is the higher insurance premiums. New auto has a higher amount of premiums than an old one. This usually is one of the dilemmas of parents, just thinking about the cost of the brand new car plus a higher premium can be a pain in the pocket!

Suggested Brand New Vehicles For Teens

Cars that are not that expensive but have good features are the ones that you should be eyeing for your teen. Here is the list of cars that are recommended for teen drivers:

  • Toyota Corolla

This basic model has been well-known for its durability and features

  • Volkswagen Jetta

Aside from its nice looks that teens surely love, it is also safe, durable, and known for its good features.

  • Hyundai Ioniq

This model is a hybrid type or car. A hybrid car is powered by a conventional engine, a hybrid battery, and an electronic motor. Hybrids are very fuel-efficient because they only use the engine for accelerating, climbing on high elevated roads or hills, and when extra power is needed. Hyundai Ioniq is the cheapest of all hybrids.

  • Honda HR-V

Is a type of SUV that has a reasonable price. So if you are looking for a nice look with quality, then this can be one of your options.

  • Hyundai Accent

It is one of the cheapest cars nowadays. Its price is under $15,500 which makes this car one of the top choices of many. Also, the price is not just the best part of this car, the reviews for its good features and safety are plus factors too.

Used Car for Teenager

Choosing to buy a used car is not always a bad idea. When we say used, it does not always mean it is so old and nearly torn off. There are still used cars that are not that used. Some sellers even tag it as “ used but not abused “. Truly that buying a car has a lot of ups and downs. So here are the things that you might want to keep in mind in buying a used car.

Pros: The cost is way cheaper

This is the number one reason why families choose to buy a used car, the cost. For more practical parents, having a used car can suffice. They may even think that how can they buy a new car for their teen if they cannot even buy the latest car for themselves? Because reality check, most parents just give their old car to their teen, unless they have enough budget to buy them a new one. But the thing is, even though used cars may not have all the features of a new car, or they may have the same features and still works fine, then what is the point of buying a new and more expensive one?

Pros: Having some scratches and dents cannot cause too much heartbreak

We all know how heartbreaking it is to see when a new car got some scratch. Hence, having a used car would not bring too much suffering for you as a parent. Especially since teens are more prone to accidents like a series of scratches and dents. Also, if this is the first time that your teen will have their car, their excitement is surely extreme. It may sound scary but it will be like their practice car.

Cons: Lesser Safety Features

It was in 2012 when the law that requires ESC to be standard in all new cars was passed. This law requires all brand new cars to have a certain safety feature added to them. The feature was checked and estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It says that it can reduce accidents by single-vehicle to 34% and SUV single-vehicle to 59% or more. Therefore, buying old and used cars manufactured before 2012 is less safe.

Most recommended Used Vehicles for Teens

If you are going to take some time in searching for a lesser expensive car but still have quality, you can see that there are still a lot out there to choose from. Here is the list of affordable cars, yet still very durable and safe.

  • Chevy Traverse

This is a mid-size SUV, it not only have good looks and reputation but also has safety features. Also, there is a lot of room in the car so you and your family can use it all together.

  • Mazda 3

Is well-known for its safety features, resilience, and appearance. One of its good traits is that it does not cost much.

  • Toyota Tacoma

This car also has great looks. It is a small type of truck and best for teens who are adventurous because it can handle rough driving. And one of the most important things is, it is also inexpensive!

  • Volvo S80

The good thing about this luxury brand is that even if you buy a used Volvo, still its safety features are on point. It is because Volvo’s safety features are always years ahead of other brands. That being said, even if you buy a used one of this, it is still worth it.

Important Note for buying a new or used car for teenager

In addition to all of this, the size of the car is also very important. Whether it is new or used. Bigger and heavier cars are safer during accidents. Thinner cars are not that strong enough to handle extreme accidents. So consider this in buying a car for your teens.

Truly that even though the amount of the car is important, still the number one common thing that parents are looking for when buying a car is safety. Hence, having a car itself is not enough, you should also have car insurance to back you up. Auto Insurance can help you save money in times of trouble. Keep your mind at ease by adding protection.

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Should I Get A New Or Used Car For My Teenager? (2024)


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