Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (2024)

Meet Information

Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (1)


2023 Live Results

States with athletes signed up in 2023: FL, KY, VA, IN, GA, CO, TN, MI, DE, AL, NY, NJ, NM, MO, OK, LA, OH, PA, WV, CA, NC, TX, IL, SC, MS, AR, and WI.

Middle School Cross Country Nationals





Results W/ Club & School Team Scores

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Where: E.P. Tom Sawyer Park in Louisville, Kentucky. The same course that hosts NCAA Nationals! *

When: Saturday, November 4th, 2023

How To Sign-up: Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and Teams can sign-up using the MileSplit registration system. INFORMATION ON HOW TO DO THAT IS RIGHT HERE!

Registration Window: You can sign-up from July 1st at noon until October 29th at 9:00pm EST.

Who Is Eligible To Compete: There are many definitions for what "middle school is" so to be as accommodating as possible meet management has separated the meet into a few divisions. The first is 8th grade and under, this division is for all student-athletes that are in the 8th, 7th, 6th, or 5th grade. The second division is 6th grade and under, this division is for all student-athletes that are in the 6th, 5th, or 4th grade. You can only enter an athlete in one division, you can choose the division that best fits your own school/municipalities' definition of "middle school".

Are Elementary School Athletes Allowed: Yes and no. The two middle school divisions are only for the above listed grades. That means if you are in elementary school you cannot compete in the middle school divisions (8th grade and under OR 6th grade and under). You can however sign-up for the elementary school division.

Who Can Sign-up: Athletes can sign-up as a part of a club, school team, or as an unattached individual. You can sign-up on this meet page by clicking the link above.

Awards: The top 25 finishers in each championship race will receive a medal. The top three state teams will receive an award as well. The top seven athletes from each state will be scored as a team. These individuals and teams will be recognized in an award ceremony following the championship races.

Team Awards: The top placing middle school teams (5 or more runners) will be honored and so will the top placing club team. A total of 8 first place trophies and 8 second place trophies will be presented.

Packet Pickup: Packet pickup will be the day prior to the event (Friday, November 3rd) at the course and prior to the start of races on Saturday.

Race Fee: $30 per athlete. Fee includes participation, athlete's entrance fee to park, custom bib, participant ribbon, and the best race environment you can find including signage, scoreboards, live results, and much much more! This fee is due at the time of registration and cannot be paid at the meet. Checks or online payments are allowed.

Course Map: Please check meet information doc for course map.

Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (2)

Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (3)

Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (4)

Sanctioning: This event will be sanctioned and insured by the USATF.

Spectators: Spectators must pay $10/individual to enter the park. Tickets can be purchased online here.

Results: Live results will be posted on MileSplit.com!

Photo Coverage: MileSplit will be live on site with video and photo coverage of the event.

Live Stream: You can watch this meet LIVE on MileSplit right here!

Other Important Links:


Hotel Information & Booking Link

Meet Schedule

*FINAL Schedule

Friday, November 3rd

  • 3:00pm-6:00pm - Course preview & packet pickup --> T-Shirts for sale.

Saturday, November 4th

  • 8:00am - Course Open for warm-ups
  • 9:30am - Championship Girls 4K (8th & Under)
  • 10:10am - Championship Boys 4K (8th & Under)
  • 11:00am - Award Ceremonies for Championship 4K Races
  • 11:30am - Elementary School Championship Girls 2K
  • 12:00pm - Elementary School Championship Boys 2K
  • 12:30pm - Awards Ceremony for Championship 2K Races
  • 1:00pm - Championship Girls 3K (6th & Under)
  • 1:45pm - Championship Boys 3K (6th & Under) (AWARD CEREMONY TO FOLLOW)

Race Seeding: The championship races will be decided based on the number of entries we receive. That means athletes will be broken into "championship", "seeded", "all-American" and "open" races based on their rankings amongst fellow entries. All seed marks must be verified using the MileSplit rankings.

Sending Results to MileSplit for Rankings: If you need results to be added to the MileSplit database and thus added to your athletes' page, please submit a contact formand provide the complete meet results and any necessary information.

Contact Information: Meet management can be reached via email at Middleschoolnationals@gmail.com

Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information (2024)


Middle School XC Nationals 2023 - Meet Information? ›

Qualifying. Teams compete in one of nine regional championships to qualify, where the top two teams automatically advance and thirteen additional teams are chosen as at-large selections. In addition to the 31 teams, 38 individual runners qualify for the national championship.

How do you qualify for XC Nationals? ›

Qualifying. Teams compete in one of nine regional championships to qualify, where the top two teams automatically advance and thirteen additional teams are chosen as at-large selections. In addition to the 31 teams, 38 individual runners qualify for the national championship.

Where are cross country junior olympics 2023? ›

Louisville Kentucky

What is cross country like in middle school? ›

Races are run through trails, fields, golf courses, woods, hills, and parks. Most middle school courses are 2 miles (ish). High School races are typically a 5K (a touch over 3 miles). A cross runner runs for 3 reasons. To improve themselves and their own race PR (Personal Record).

How many teams go to XC Nationals? ›

Number of Teams: 36 men's teams/36 women's teams (10 runners per team), plus 2-6 individual qualifiers for men and women in each conference.

Is it hard to get a XC scholarship? ›

Being recruited for a cross country scholarship can be difficult because of the large number of athletes who are going to be equally as talented. If you want coaches to believe you are a better candidate than the rest then you need to have a strict plan of action.

How many people do you need for a XC team? ›

A team consists of a minimum of five runners and a maximum of seven runners.

Where is cross country nationals 2023? ›

2023 NCAA Division I Cross Country

National championship to be held Saturday, November 18 in Charlotteville, Va.., and airing on ESPNU.

How to qualify for the cross country junior Olympics? ›

Eligibility Requirements

Athletes can join USATF by visiting USATF.org. Qualifying Information: Athletes must qualify for this event via their respective Association and Regional Championships. The number of athletes from each association is top 15 individuals by age group and top 2 scoring teams.

Where is the AAU Cross Country Nationals 2023? ›

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (November 29, 2023) -- The top cross country runners from around the country will be converging soon on Florida's capital city for the 2023 AAU Cross Country National Championships.

How many miles do 7th graders run in cross country? ›

Varsity and Junior Varsiy race distance is 5 kilometers, which equals 3.1 miles... Middle School XC does not have an “official” distance, but it is usually 1 to 2 miles in length!

How do middle school cross country meets work? ›

A cross country meet is scored by each team adding up the places of its top 5 finishers. As in golf, the low score wins. For example, a team that scores 26 points places ahead of a team that scores 29 points, as follows: Hills McArthur 1 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 10 9 Score 26 Score 29 (Hills Wins!)

How do I prepare for middle school cross country? ›

The plan is based on running 4-5 days a week (20-30 miles) with a gradual build up in mileage and intensity. The training contains a balanced blend of easy running days, fartlek runs, tempo efforts, long endurance runs and cross-training.

What is the biggest XC meet in the US? ›

PHOTOS: Mt. SAC Has World's Largest XC Track Meet

The Mt. SAC Invitational is one of the best known races in the country. More than 100 races were held over the weekends of October 18th and the 25th. This past weekend, 12,000 high school students from more than 450 high schools across the country traveled to run Mt.

Why is XC not in the Olympics? ›

Traditionally a winter sport, the scheduling of cross country within a summer event caused organisational issues. The sport was dropped after 1924 Olympics, when most of the runners dropped out due to extreme heat and pollution from a nearby power station.

How do you qualify for Nike XC Nationals? ›

All high school athletes are invited to compete in Nike Cross Regional Championships. The top two clubs and the top five individuals not a qualifying club will advance to the national meet. In addition, four at large clubs and five at-large individuals per gender will also be selected to compete.

How do you qualify for US tri nationals? ›

There are various ways to qualify for Nationals but the one to focus on is this: athletes must place in the top 2 or top 15% of their age group (whichever is greater) in a USAT sanctioned age group triathlon of any distance.

How many qualify for outdoor track nationals? ›

In all, the top 12 athletes from each regional event have advanced to the Championships, totaling 24 qualifiers per event. Additionally, 12 relay teams from each relay event at each Regional will qualify for the Championships. NCAA Track And Field Championships will take place in Eugene, Oregon, form June 5 to June 8.

How do you qualify for Mountain Bike Nationals 2024? ›

Qualifier races are required only if the number of registered riders in the respective age/gender group reaches 120+ for XCO or 75+ for XCC. If registration is below these thresholds, all riders in that event automatically qualify for the finals without the need for qualifier races.


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