Golf Reporter Amanda Balionis Flaunts Stunning Look During Beach Getaway (2024)

Renowned golf reporter Amanda Balionis enjoyed some downtime from her busy schedule by taking a beach vacation in Montauk, New York. The CBS Sports journalist gave her fans a glimpse into her "off week" trip by sharing a series of stunning photos on Instagram.

Balionis, 38, dazzled in a sizzling black bodycon dress as she posed for pictures by the lake. The off-shoulder number hugged her enviable curves and showed off her toned figure. She completed her look with a pair of sleek black sunglasses and sandals.

In another photo, Balionis rocks a fitted denim jacket embellished with the text "It's all good. Baby, baby." as she smiles brightly for the camera on the shores. She appeared to be making the most of her time off from reporting duties, having fun in the sun with friends.

Balionis has built a loyal following of 299k on Instagram where she usually posts content related to her golf coverage for CBS. Fans flooded the comments with praise for her gorgeous vacation style.

During her trip, Balionis also celebrated World No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler's Memorial Tournament victory. She shared touching photos with Scheffler, his wife Meredith and their newborn son Bennett.

Balionis' beach break comes after a busy few months on the golf circuit. This included reporting from The Masters and the US Open third major which Bryson DeChambeau won in a tight battle against Rory McIlroy.

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Rory McIlroy and Amanda Balionis are not dating. Pic: Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

The renowned journalist is admired for her passion and expertise in both golf and football analysis. When she's not capturing the highlights of PGA Tournaments, Balionis can also be found covering the NFL and college football for CBS Sports.

Fans are sure to be keeping a close eye on Balionis' social media for any more glimpses into her luxurious vacation before she returns to duty covering the next big golf contests. For now, the reporter is making the most of some much deserved time off in tropical "MonTauk".

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How did Amanda Balionis start her career in golf journalism

Ever since she was a little kid, Amanda was obsessed with all things sports. While other girls played with dolls, she had her nose stuck in the sports section.

In high school, she started taking her passion more seriously. Amanda joined the volleyball team and helped run their stats tracking. She discovered a joy in storytelling through stats.

In college, Amanda followed her dream and studied sports broadcasting. But her professor warned breaking in would be grueling. After graduating, fear and doubt started creeping in.

Amanda took any internship she could find, even if it didn't pay. Weeks turned to months of hustling just for a cup of coffee. She wondered if this dream was realistic.

Then a light appeared at the end of the tunnel - a reporter job for the PGA Tour. 6 amazing years of traveling the country and finding her calling followed.

But the tour world is fickle. After 6 years, Amanda's job was up in the air. Old anxieties resurfaced until...a call from CBS changed everything.

Now over a decade in, Amanda's passion continues growing audiences. She's proof that with resilience and grit, any dream is attainable. Her journey is one of courage, hope and believing in yourself.

What are some of Amanda Balionis's most memorable interviews

Her interview with Tiger after winning the 2019 Masters was truly amazing. She stated that despite the turmoil, his attention remained razor-sharp. But you could also hear the joy and relief in his voice after conquering so much. It was a memorable moment to capture.

Interviewing Tiger after Kobe's death was hugely impactful. Not only did it show the close bond between the two athletes, but it highlighted Amanda's ability to have a thoughtful discussion in the face of tragedy. She let Tiger open up in a real way.

Amanda is known for her emotional interviews, like when she spoke with Bubba Watson about family after his Masters wins. She said developing rapport is key so athletes feel comfortable showing those vulnerable sides.

Her approach is to make interviews feel like natural conversations rather than interrogations. Asking tough questions is part of the job, but Amanda does it with empathy, care and respect for her subjects as people first.

Interviews like those really cemented Amanda as one of the best in the business. She has a gift for connecting with athletes and drawing out authentic perspectives, even in challenging moments. Her compassion is on display.


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Golf Reporter Amanda Balionis Flaunts Stunning Look During Beach Getaway (2024)


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