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Zeffo is the third planet you'll be visiting in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You'll be making multiple trips back to this planet throughout the campaign, and this world's map is a bit more labyrinth than the others.

We'll navigate you through this first visit to the Zeffo homeworld with the Jedi: Fallen Order Zeffo Walkthrough.

This will be your first trek through Zeffo, which is probably the largest planet in Fallen Order. While it's recommended to wait to explore until later, you can check out the Zeffo Collectibles hub to see what you can find on the planet.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Chapter 2: Zeffo Walkthrough

Video Guide - Part 5

After flying through the eye of the storm, you'll land in the world of Zeffo. The Empire is already here, but you need to find an ancient Zeffo tomb in order to figure out your next steps in rebuilding the Jedi Order.

There are three ways to potentially explore at first. The door to the left is locked, and will be a shortcut later. Instead, head into the hanger for a couple of Force Echoes and a chest, then head up the mountain path.

Keeping heading along this nature trail until you see a nearby cave. head inside and use your lightsaber for light to navigate the area--you'll get an extra Healing Stim for BD-1 for your efforts.

Wondering where to find more Stims? Check out Stims Locations page for more information!

Head out of the cave, then continue forward to eventually be on the roof of the hangar from earlier. Head down the stairs and you can unlock the door, which gives you easy access to the Mantis.

With the door unlocked, head up the nearby hill and you'll run into some Stormtroopers. Dispatch them and head into the abandoned Zeffo village. Kill any troopers that stand in your way, but keep to the rooftops to eventually find the way forward and a Meditation Circle.

Keep moving forward, and use the light of your lightsaber to carefully move through the area, turning on the lights at the end of the path.


Next, you'll come across a running turbine. Slow the turbine down when it's close enough to you to jump on.

In the next area, you'll come across a Phillak. Be careful (Slow is always helpful if you're having trouble dodging) and dispatch the creature. Also keep an eye out for the nearby Rocket Launcher Stormtrooper.

You, unfortunately, cannot parry rockets.

Continue across the turbines, and defeat the next mob of Stormtroopers. The door to the right is a shortcut back to a Meditation Point. Use the point if you need to, then head back and head onward to start sliding down.

You can't just enjoy this slide, though--Stormtroopers are shooting at you! You can still parry when sliding, so make sure to do so (or just guard) while making sure Cal doesn't fall off to survive.

Video Guide - Part 6

Keep moving through the area, defeating monsters and Stormtroopers, until you come across the weathered monument. This area has a bunch of doors and walls you can't currently interact with, but we'll be back later.

For now, walk up the little hill to the large cracked wall, and you'll soon come across a Meditation Point after a Wall Run. Use it, then continue up--just watch out for the Heavy Assault Stormtrooper waiting to ambush you!

You can parry Heavy Assault Stormtrooper bullets, but they have a shield and it exhausts your meter, so make sure to move forward quickly.


Once you take him out, you can cut the nearby rope to be able to return to the Meditation Point as needed. Head forward and you'll eventually be in another dark area. Interact with the computer nearby to learn more about Project Auger, which the Empire was trying to find something on Zeffo for before giving up.

Continue onward, killing the Stormtroopers in the way and Slowing down platforms until you reach a cave. Wall Run along the last bit and you'll find a another Meditation Point.

Keep on going, and you'll be sliding and Wall Running like all the best Jedis. At the end. you'll come across the Windswept Ruins and another Meditation Point.

At this time, it's really not the best idea to explore, unless you want to be rammed to death by the local wildlife. Instead, look for the door slightly to the left of the Meditation Point... and sprint towards it. Don't stop or look around, just run for it and hopefully you'll get through unscathed.

Once in the next area, use the Force to Slow the wind down enough, then Slow the mechanism in the center down to head down to the Tomb of Eilram.

Tomb of Eilram

Video Guide - Part 7

Welcome to the Tomb of Eilram, the first real puzzle-y section of Fallen Order. In this tomb, you'll need to learn how to navigate balls into holes to progress.


That said, you can't currently move the mechanism you're staring at into the hole. Head up the stairs, and then downward into a new area.

The next room has a ball sitting there, which you can't move... by normal means. However, there's a valve nearby you can interact with. Open the value and a gust of wind will come into the room, pushing the ball into the hole. Check the video walkthrough for the exact directions, but completing the puzzle will get you an Essence, so it's worth doing being moving on.

Keep on going until you hit what looks to be a dead end, and you'll be able to climb up. Open the valve so that the wind move the platform, then close it again so it swings back and forth like a pendulum. Jump across the gap and keep going until you hit a Meditation Point.

There will be more places you can't go yet, so keep going, and then use the wind to blow the ball into the hole.

In the next area you'll be sliding down--make sure to jump on the rope at the end or you'll fall. Once you're back to safety, you'll have some supposedly easy jumps to make... but the wind will mess with your jump trajectory, so you'll need to compensate by starting your jumps more to the side.

You'll REALLY have to overcompensate for these jumps. Just remember that falling only causes a little fall damage.

Thankfully, the wind will also help you in jumping farther, as well. Keep going, taking care to note the direction of the wind, and eventually you'll end up in an area covered in Skungus, plant-like bomb creatures that'll explode when you get close. In this area, you can activate the wind valve it order to rip them from their perches, affording you a way forward.

Before you jump across that big gap, though, spot the remaining Skungus to the left and kill it so that you can use the Meditation Point behind it. You can now jump the huge gap with the wind backing your jump.


You'll come across a boss here with the Tomb Guardian.

Tips for Defeating the Tomb Guardian

It's not very easy to beat the Guardian by yourself at this point, but, you can lure it near the Skungus to have it explode and do massive damage to the Guardian. It's better to do that than to deal with its tremor attacks.

Once the Guardian is knocked out, head up and follow the corridor to the very end and interact with the nearby object.

Finally, you'll learn the Force Push ability! Push allows you to push through cracked walls, damaged vents, and also allows you to push around those balls you've been seeing in the tomb. Cordova will also give you a hint to your next destination, which is Kashyyyk.

Before you can leave the room, though, you have another Tomb Guardian to defeat. This time, with Push, you can push the Guardian's core away, stunning it for a set amount of time. They are much easier to defeat now!

Before moving forward, head back to that long corridor and use Push to get through the wall for a chest. Then, head through the door that the Tomb Guardian was blocking and you'll be back at a previous room with a Meditation Point, which just so happens to be the first Puzzle Space.

Tomb of Eilram Puzzle Space

In order to escape from this space, you'll need to get three balls into the central room, and push them around using both the wind and the Force into the proper locations.

First and foremost, we'll need the balls to makes this happen. One ball is already in the room, so we just need to find the other two to get things started.


Begin by taking the ball already in the room and Pushing it to the left hole. You'll see some platforms raise and some wind begin to blow, but your first destination is the door that just opened near where the Tomb Guardian was.

Head through the door and climb alone the gratings. You'll find a second ball to use, so push it down the ramp to get it to the central area.

As for the final ball, remember the platform you needed to use the wind on to make it swing like a pendulum? Well, there was a ball on that platform, and you need to free it from its confines to use it.

Head back to that room, and climb up to the upper floor. Don't use the wind again; instead, angle yourself in such a way that the platform is between you and the rather fragile looking wall nearby. Push the platform into the wall, breaking but the wall and the platform and securing your third ball.

With one of the balls still in the hole that cause the wind to start blowing and the ramp to raise, push a second ball along the track behind it. Eventually the wind will catch it and send the ball flying up to the higher platform ahead. Climb up that platform and push the ball into the hole that's up there, revealing a second track and more ramps.

Take the third ball along the same path as the second ball, but instead of star on the higher platform, it'll begin a loop of flying through the air. Climb the grate near the first ball, then when the ball passes by you, Slow it Down and Push it into the hole, completing the puzzle.

Head Back to the Mantis

Video Guide - Part 8

Now that the Puzzle Space is completed, you'll be back at the entrance to the tomb. Head on up, and you'll notice the wildlife has been replaced by troopers.


Now is a better time to explore the outer ruins area. There's a chest and some Force Echoes, just now there aren't any enemies dashing towards you.

When you're done, head to the Meditation Point and take a quick look around--you should find a gust of wind that can carry you to higher ground. Use the wind and Push the wall in your way. Continue along until you're back at the Meditation point near all the paths you couldn't open earlier.

Push through the giant wall near the Zeffo statue for a workbench. This workbench will have the ScompLink, which will let BD-1 hack through red doors and chests... and there happens to be a lot of those in the area you were just in!

Continue through the Imperial compound and you'll be eventually brought back to the previous area. Go ahead and use the ScompLink on the nearby door for a chest, then head through the nearby cave.

Continue along the path, and you'll be able to slice the door at the end of the path, letting you into another Imperial structure.

There may be a quicker route back to the Mantis, but heading through back with this path opens up a lot of things to make your return trip easier. You can also explore a bunch of new areas if you want, which will get you more goodies and experience.

Work through the area, dispatching troopers as needed, and climb along the outside of the hanger. At the top, you'll find some Stormtroopers fighting a beast.

Make sure to sprint past them and Push anyone you need to aside--you really don't want to fight that monster right now.

With the immediate danger passed, continue on, using Slow on the fan and Push on the weak wall. The next area will unlock and elevator, giving you a new shortcut to use.Make sure to save, and move on to the next room. A Purge Trooper is waiting for you there.

You'll encounter a lot of Force Troopers in your adventures, but generally, they're a lot more difficult to defeat than your average Stormtrooper. Use your Force powers to your advantage.


After defeating him, it's best to just keep moving forward without exploring much, as you won't have the abilities to go anywhere else yet.

The next two areas will have a lot we'll leave explored--we'll be back to these areas later in the game, so it saves time to explore later as everything will lead to dead ends at this time. If you really want to collect everything you can, though, check out the Zeffo Collectiebles hub.

Have BD-1 slice the door to find a Meditation Point. This new area is the Crash Site. We'll be back later, so we're just going to save exploring the area until then--we've spent enough time on Zeffo already, and while there are a couple things to pick up it eventually just leads to a dead end.

After saving, open up your map and head to the nearest unexplored path next. Head into the cave and start swimming, eventually you'll end up at the Ice Caves and another Meditation Point.

You can't get through the big doors, so go ahead and take the slippery slide down instead. Make sure not to fall off, and in the next area, you'll be greeted by some Stormtroopers.

Kill them, and nearby where the Rocket Launcher trooper was is a lift. The life will take you up and out of the area, and finally back to close to the Mantis. You can explore what you can of the Ice Caves for a couple of chests, but you don't need to. Like the Crash Site, we'll be back later.

Take the lift and open the last shortcut close to the starting hanger. However, you're not just going to be able to head onto the Mantis, as and AT-ST is attacking.

Tips for Defeating the AT-ST

The AT-ST cannot be Pushed, but can be Slowed, which is helpful for getting in close. Swiping at its legs do the most damage, but it'll start dropping grenades to damage you, so get in for a combo then get out. At a range the AT-ST will use normal gunshots, which you can parry.


the AT-ST isn't too tough, so beat it and head onto the Mantis. Now, it's time to try and find Tarfful on Kashyyyk.

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