Amanda Balionis CBS, Age, Height, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth (2024)

It’s easier to be a reporter, but to be famous and also highly respected by everyone is tough. Amanda Balionis, one of those respectable ones who is recognized for the work she is doing, is as a reporter.

She is a well-known sports journalist at this point in time. Not only in the field of reporting, but there is more to her than is not known. Be with us till the very ultimate.

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Amanda Balionis: Quick Facts

Full NameAmanda Balionis
Date of Birth1987/06 /20
Marital StatusSingle
BirthplacePennsylvania, USA
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Net Worth$500k
Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter

Who Is Amanda Balionis?

Amanda Balionis is an American sports journalist who specializes in golf and football. She is currently single.

Age and Parents

Amanda was born on 20th June 1987 in Pennsylvania. Anthony Balionis and Dana Balionis is the name of her parents. What’s fascinating is the fact that she is an alone child.

Balionis is 33 years old as of now. She holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign falls under Gemini, suggesting the fact that she is adaptable and intelligent. Being in the profession, these traits are a must.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Even though Amanda is a reporter, she can maintain a fit body. It is due to her excellent care and control too. She stands at the height of 5’5″ with the bodyweight being 57 kgs.

The healthy diet and regular workout have absolutely helped her to be in shape. As a result of that, the vital body reads at 37-25-36 inches. With the excellent height comes the right measurements, and ultimately the shoe size reads at 8.

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What makes her look stunning is the personality and confidence with which she approaches the camera all the time. To sum up, stunning brown eyes and hair of the same color are essential.

Early Life and Education

Balionis was born in Pennsylvania and spent her childhood there with the family and siblings. Being a single child in the family, most of her needs were fulfilled with great ease.

In the year 2016, her parents suffered a pretty bad car crash. With the severe injuries to both of them, her father died later. It was a hard time for her, but she grew with her mother.

From a very young age, reporting was the way to go for her, and she was sure what she was doing in life. Her parents, however, always had her back.

In the case of educational background, though, Amanda attended Manheim Township High School and later joined Hofstra University. Without a big surprise, her major was broadcast journalism. The graduation came in the year 2008.


Balionis was highly interested in being a reporter, so, from her education days, the diva was into the field of reporting. Her internship came when she was part of the university for New York Jets, ABC News Now, New York Islanders, and CBS2 at the same time.

This shows her dedication for sure. After completing the graduation, though, Amanda was part of the local newspaper for a year and mainly worked as the weekly segment, precisely sports.

Before all of this, though, Balionis had already worked for WHRU Radio and also The Chronicles Newspaper, which provided her with first-hand experience. Moreover, the talented reporter worked as a freelance reporter for Verizon Sports to join MSG Network.

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Slowly the focus shifted towards golf, and well great things started to happen for her. In 2011 Amanda interviewed for a digital position for With time interviews, big names became her go-to.

After six years of here and there, 2017 brought big news when the good looking lady became the golf reporter for CBS Sports. Associating with such a big brand made her famous overnight.

Some of the great work as the golf reporter for Balionis are Trending Tour, PGA Tour Live, PGA Masters, PGA Championships, and many more. As time will go by, it is sure that more of the fame is bound to come to her.

With every new career achievement for Amanda, readers will be made aware of it.

Amanda Balionis Boyfriend

Amanda’s professional life be full of color, but her personal life is quite a mess. It is due to the fact that nothing fruitful is known about it. Rumors are flowing most of the time, but no official confirmation makes us hard.

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Balionis was once rumored to be dating golfer, Rickie Fowler. At another time, there was a post showing a kid and the ring. All of this creates confusion for all the Amanda fans.

As there is no official confirmation from the journalist herself, one thing can be said that she is single at this point. The primary focus for her is her career. If anything fruitful comes up, readers will be made aware.

Amanda Balionis Net Worth: Income and Salary

Amanda is much of a hard worker who has earned a good amount of fame and fortune in her prime. There are more of the great years left in her. But one thing is sure that she is pretty famous already.

As of 2020, Amanda owns a worth of $500k. It is the result of her reporting career for sure. When the reporter is free, she loves to play golf and is pretty good at it.

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Traveling and going to matches that fascinate her is something of her hobbies. She is also a family woman and spends time with her mother. Amanda is perfect in every sense that she loves animals too.

She has a dog in her home, and most of the social media share is about that creature without a doubt. With all of the information on net worth, annual income, and assets owned are hard to find.

Internet Fame

It is not a new fact that a reporter has the right amount of fan following the social media platform. Amanda is also no different from that. As a matter of fact, Instagram and Twitter are full of loyal supporters for sure.

Instagram167k followers

Twitter 111kfollowers

Amanda Balionis CBS, Age, Height, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth (2024)


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